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Access to Friends-Only Events

Our Gold Friends get free entrance to the heritage centre and free entrance to our new Friends Friday film club.

We have now set our community cinema up as a film club rather than trying to compete with the major cinema chains. When we set the community cinema up years ago, we could get films before they went to DVD or on television. This has changed so much that sometimes the film is in the shops before we are allowed to get the license to show it. So, if you like films and enjoy the atmosphere at The Criterion, then join us on a Friday afternoon to see classic and new films chosen by Friends of the centre.

The Gold membership allows our special film club members access to Friends-only events. Find out about these via our e-newsletter and our special Friends page on the website. We will give you the access code to this page when you join. Existing members will be given this code. We have some special family films in the summer holidays.

This membership costs only £10 a year or £15 per couple. The form is on our website, or you can collect one from the centre. To help save costs, we will need your email so that you can receive regular e-newsletters and renewal updates.

The £5 membership will be phased out over the year.